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The Yarn (zine)

Novembre  2023


You can order the zine via this link

If we ever believed that colonial violence ended upon entering the educational system, we were mistaken. The roots of colonial hegemony, patriarchy, and capitalism underlie the very framework of the fashion education system, enticing numerous young students each year with aspirations and desires. It creates hierarchies, classifications, and othering. The Yarn offers a compilation of writings from individuals with an experience of the system as students, teachers, or models within the fashion school, and those who perceive and question these institutions as places where colonial violence persists. It provides a platform for individuals who have encountered or witnessed violence related to race, class, and the environment and who desire to share their experiences through their written works.

This anthology of texts forms part of a wider research endeavour focused on exploring the intersections between colonial hegemonies and the Western fashion system and redefine fashion in the present context. The study involves an examination of the modes of canonization of designers, places and hierarchies within the Western fashion environment. The research delves into the dynamics of colonisation and their impact on the fashion industry between the Global North and South. It also considers how these dynamics are established, propagated, and the ideologies they disseminate.

Texts by Sandra Niessen, Audrey Bartis, Seija Mistiaen, Celina Szymanowski, Sarah Bartmann, Veronica Pesantes, Ivoire Boza-Nguyen, Afez Chirazi, Douglas Dos Santos, Maryse Simplon, Sonia Tagba-Millet and Pierre-Antoine Vettorello. 


Bilingual issue: English and French

Graphic design: Felix Godefroy

Official launch on Monday, December 11 2023

Pre-order via this link

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