Advanced Master of Artistic Research in Art and Design 2019_2020

Digital Presentation

During this year of Master in Artistic Research in Art and Design within a socio-political context, I developed two research perspectives:
The first one related to the Senegalese side of my genealogy working through conversation with my family, researching about a feminine figure which discretely appeared in the French newspaper in 1939. These articles are describing, with a lot of details, her arrival in Paris from colonized Senegal, as well as the white French gaze on her and her "exotic" dress.
The second one is related to my frequent travels in Ireland since 2011 where I discovered willow basket making in parallel to the local political system hosting asylum seekers in rural areas. For me, it was important to understand the context and meet up with local artists, a therapist as well as a group of black queer activists fighting for the abolishment of this system. My research question was mainly: how craft can help soothe the process of migrating to Ireland and create conversation within interracial communities?

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